Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A certain pattern...

At long last my life is starting to settle down out of the holiday bustle, which is largely imposed on me by others.  This is a particularly exhausting time of year for me, and I suspect that only some of it is the rushing about I invariably have to do every year.  As my spiritual practise has been deepening, I'm beginning to realize a much closer connection to the Sun that I really understood as a BabyPagan.  Not that I don't love the Moon.  The Sun and I have always had a love-hate relationship.  I burn to a crisp every summer because of my fair Irish skin, unless I slather myself in SPF 90, which keeps me quite pale.  But I love to watch motes of dust drifting through a sunbeam, and much like a cat, I do love finding a sunny spot to nap in, provided it's not in my eyes.  As I work with the gods of the Unnamed Path, and especially as my relationship with the Light God deepens, I find myself missing the sunlight.  I'm more and more tired in the evenings, and especially so as the year has waned.  This is very strange for me, because no matter what my work schedule is I'm usually such a night person.

I'm struggling through my spiritual practise right now, through a feeling of lethargy and sluggish energy.  I'll get through it - I always do.  Right now my focus is on completing the half-done tasks all around me, and continuing to commune with my People.  For now that will have to do.

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