Friday, December 3, 2010

Nice v. Good

I've never claimed to be a nice person.  I can be spiteful, vindictive, passive-aggressive, catty, and cutting.  I dislike children and refuse to respect people based solely on their age.  I am irritable, demanding, and a little high-maintenance from time to time.  I am also a cynic.  I almost always see the glass half-empty.

No, I'm not a nice person.

But I do help out my friends and family, I do give people I care about the benefit of the doubt.  To those I am close to I am generous to a fault with.  Am I altruistic? No.  The plight of children in Africa does not move me.  But if a friend is suffering because his family is treating him like shit, I'll be there for him.  When a friend is miserable in his job, I will be there to support him and to encourage him to find something that makes him happy.

Even when people I care about say things to me that hurt my feelings, I will still care about them.

And even though there have been a few notable exceptions to the rules, they are just exceptions. 

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